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Tuesday, April 17

10:30am EDT

A Functional Analysis of PAZ 5 A Protein Acyltransferase Cross Insurance CenterAlyssa Jones
Detection of Hazard Chemicals using Novel Mixed Copper-Silver Nanoparticles. Applications of Vapochromic Sensing Behavior. Cross Insurance CenterDaniel R. Adams Eckstorm and American Work Ethic Cross Insurance CenterAbbie Dufrene Evidence-Based Interventions to Reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate Cross Insurance CenterCaeley Brown • Grace Kavanah • Kylle Tierney • Sophie Witkes Interdivisional Partnerships on Gender Inclusive Policies at the University of Maine Cross Insurance CenterCaroline Fannoush Dababneh • Crissi Dalfonzo • Molly Hodgkins • Jeremy Hynson Microwave Acoustic Gas Sensors in the 200 – 700C Range Cross Insurance CenterArmando Ayes Molecular Mechanisms of Inhibitory Action of Triclosan on Mast Cell Signal Transduction Cross Insurance CenterJuyoung Shim New Insights of the Southern Hemisphere Westerly Winds over the last 10,000 years Cross Insurance CenterAaron Chesler • Bess Koffman • Erich Osterberg • Dominic Winski 18K HEMP Cross Insurance CenterJoshua Couturier 1920's Advice for Women on Infant Feeding Cross Insurance CenterApril Mandeville 3D printed channels for mold cooling Cross Insurance CenterZachery Ladd Abundance of Spiny-Headed Worms in Green Crabs Cross Insurance CenterTyler Van Kirk Acid/Base Defect Sites and Solution Equilibria of Tungsten Oxide Cross Insurance CenterColin Whitton Adverse Childhood Experiences and Poor Health Outcomes: The Need for Intervention Cross Insurance CenterSummer Cotter • Alexandra Harnden • Alexis Teed • Amelia Wood Alternative Aging Methods for Atlantic Sturgeon: Research to Improve Management of a Pre-Historic Natural Resource Cross Insurance CenterTarren Giberti Applying Soil Health Principles to Climate Change Adaptation of Senegalese Agriculture Cross Insurance CenterAudrey Garcia Are the Benefits of Egalitarianism a Luxury? Belief in Egalitarianism Benefits Health, if You are Higher in SES Cross Insurance CenterAngelina Fournier • Daniel Wendell Asian Objectification #2: Oriental - Living Doll Cross Insurance CenterAnna Soule BioPUNKS Arcade: Building Relational Technologies with Biosensors Cross Insurance CenterJoshua Hamilton BMI As Risk Factor For Impaired Sleep Quality and Sleep Deprivation in Aging Participants With MCI Cross Insurance CenterMarta Herzog Chemical Free Elimination of Culiseta melanura for the Reduction of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Cross Insurance CenterColin Benson • Rachael Bergeron • David Scidmore • Brad Trenteseaux Controlling 2-pore Potassium Channels with Light: Synthesis and Evaluation of New Photoswitchable Channel Blockers Cross Insurance CenterHussein Sayed Counting Peaks in Ice-Core Data Cross Insurance CenterStanley C. Small Country Analysis of Brazil Cross Insurance CenterCharlotte Couture • Hannah Johnson • Jessica Kimball • Blake Nelson • Brittany Ogden Dreamscape Installation Cross Insurance CenterAdam Paul Epidermal damage as underlying cause of paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy Cross Insurance CenterAnthony Cirrincione Evaluating Morphometric Techniques to Determine Sex of Shortnose Sturgeon in the Penobscot River, Maine Cross Insurance CenterSamantha Nadeau Everyday Rituals: Employing Creative Process for Self-Development Cross Insurance CenterSusan Bryand Heater System Design and Commissioning of an XPS System Cross Insurance CenterBenjamin Walden Hypoxemia in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Individuals as a Proposed Factor in the Detection of MCI Cross Insurance CenterAriel Bouchard Identification of Virulence Genes in Streptococcus iniae Cross Insurance CenterJames Barry In Determinate Cross Insurance CenterSteve Norton Infant Feeding from 1900 to 1909, 1920 to 1929, and 1940 to 1949 Cross Insurance CenterApril K. Mandeville Interleukin-17 Receptor-D Regulates Plaque Formation During Atherosclerosis Cross Insurance CenterShivangi Pande Kinetics of Gold(I) Assisted Thiolate-Disulfide Exchange in Aqueous Media Cross Insurance CenterShyam R Pokhrel Loss Cross Insurance CenterAnna Soule Maternity Leave in the U.S. Cross Insurance CenterAlexis Lindsay Nanocellulose Filament Pickup Cross Insurance CenterMitchell Giles • Max McCabe • Joshua Shibles • Trent Swengel Noninvasive Wireless Sensors for Sleep/Wake Determination Cross Insurance CenterAhmed Almaghasilah Objects As Musical Instruments Cross Insurance CenterJAmes Winters Patient Monitoring: A Novel Approach to Remote Biometric Transmission Cross Insurance CenterBrianna DeGone • Michael Maier • Courtney Morse • Matthew Stewart Phenol Hydrodeoxygenation in a High-Pressure Liquid-Phase Flow Reactor over Ru/TiO2 Cross Insurance CenterDaniela Stück V. Photocatalytic Gas-to-Liquid Processing Cross Insurance CenterRyan C. Warner Prevalence and Distribution of Lymphoproliferative Disease Virus in Wild Turkeys of Central Maine Cross Insurance CenterJaime Boulos Prey Availability and Diet of Sturgeon in the Gulf of Maine Cross Insurance CenterRachel Howland Project Neoism Cross Insurance CenterEliza Bennett Rebranded Traditions Cross Insurance CenterAmy Olivia Pierce Recomposing Collaborative Dam Decision Making: A Reciprocal Case Study of the Penobscot River Restoration Project Cross Insurance CenterTyler Quiring Reorganized Language Cross Insurance CenterReed Hayden Robust Water Soluble Gold-Carbon Nanoparticles as a Catalyst for the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol Cross Insurance CenterAhmad Ahmad Sanctuary Model Effects Cross Insurance CenterRuyi Lu • John Quinn • Kassie Stevens Sleep-Dependent Memory Consolidation and Sleep Deprivation in Early Alzheimer's Disease Cross Insurance CenterTaylor Delp Stamp Forming of Unidirectional Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Hemispheres Cross Insurance CenterFahad Alharbi • Justin Baron • Rylan Norris Stencil Coating Paper-based Infused Polymers for Diagnostics Cross Insurance CenterJennie Daley • Caryl Young Stochastic Modeling of Wireless Energy Transfer with System Performance Optimization Calculations Cross Insurance CenterShaun Veilleux Synthesis and Reactivity of Gold (I) Tetrathiomolybdate Complexes Cross Insurance CenterDhirgam Humaidy Synthesis of a Halo-tag Ligand; for Targeted Genetic Studies of Neurochemical Receptors Cross Insurance CenterCody Gigac The Collection of Non-invasive Biometrics via Infrared Imaging from a UAV Drone Cross Insurance CenterDan Schlabig • Dakota Sudbeck Virtual Simulation of the Damariscotta Shell Middens Cross Insurance CenterEmily Blackwood • John San Vitals Education Simulation Technology Cross Insurance CenterSamantha Brown • Jennie Daley • Dakota Sudbeck • Jordan Tremont A Collaborative Approach in Treatment of Selective Mutism in School Age Children Cross Insurance CenterGabriela Adamus • Sarah Basquez • Hannah Connors • Morgan Jacobs • Genaya Loftis A Histological Assessment of the Effects of Nitrogen and Temperature Enrichment on the Symbiodinium of Palythoa toxica Cross Insurance CenterMolly Westbrook A Policy Analysis of V-Notching in the Maine Lobster Fishery Cross Insurance CenterKathleen Murphy Activity and Cognitive Performance in Retirement Cross Insurance CenterVanessa Lee An Interdisciplinary Look at Food Waste Management Cross Insurance CenterAndrew Flynn • Skyler Horton • Shayla Rose Kleisinger • Hannah Nadeau • Taylor Patterson Aquaculture’s X Americas: Audience segmentation methodologies and information seeking behavior of aquaculture labels Cross Insurance CenterJordan Ross Anthony Arsenic Remediation in Maine Drinking Water Cross Insurance CenterAustin Steward Assessing Diet and Exercise in Pre-diabetics Cross Insurance CenterNyia Chituck • Rebecca Dalrymple • Darcey Fraser • Marisa Jolicoeur • Lindsay Nutter Assessment of helical anchor bearing capacity for offshore aquaculture applications Cross Insurance CenterLeon Cortes-Garcia Attitudes Towards Stuttering World Wide Cross Insurance CenterMaggie Drinkwater • Meagan Grass • Eleanor Nazar • Megan Weed Awareness, Wonder, and Engagement Framework: Assessing Learning Outcomes in Environmental Communication Cross Insurance CenterBridie McGreavy • Cassandra Page • Laura Rickard • Abby Roche Bridging the Gap Between Conservation and Business in the Farms of the Falkland Islands Cross Insurance CenterKayla Greenawalt British Sensibilities, American Cuisine: The Reprinting of English Cookbooks in Colonial America, 1700-1776 Cross Insurance CenterAbigail Belisle Haley Calibrating Ice Core and Weather Station Records to Analyze Atmospheric Variability in the St. Elias, Yukon, Canada Cross Insurance CenterErin McConnell Cardiovascular Effects on Cognition in Young Adults: The Relationship Between Aerobic Exercise and Processing Speed Cross Insurance CenterTaylor McMillan Characterizing Laminin Expression in a Zebrafish Model of Accelerated Aging Cross Insurance CenterChaya Karunasiri Cognitive Performance Tasks and Their Connection to Self-Injurious Behaviors Cross Insurance CenterMelissa Jankowski College Student’s Impact on the Manifestation of Abortion Stigma on Campus Cross Insurance CenterChynna Fuller Comparing Visual Augmentations for Navigation of Indoor Spaces Cross Insurance CenterNicholas A Jensen Connecting to Begin a Community Energy Project Cross Insurance CenterKatelyn Manzo Context Effects on Ambiguous Idiom Comprehension in Older and Younger Adults Cross Insurance CenterAmy de Silva Determining the Gene Location and Gene Expression Profile of Mycobacterium chelonae Bergey Prophage, McProf Using Bioinformatic Tools and RNA-seq Cross Insurance CenterJaycee Cushman Determining the Role of SalY of Streptococcus pyogenes in Immune Evasion using Fluorescence Microscopy Cross Insurance CenterTaaniel Kiidli Developing the State Interagency Coordinating Council for Maine Child Developmental Services Cross Insurance CenterOlivia Shaw Development of a High-throughput Screen for Analysis of JC Polyomavirus Infection Cross Insurance CenterMason Crocker Development of Optical Memory Based Systems using Mixed Copper(I) and Silver(I) Organic Frameworks for Applications in Deep Space Information Technologies. Cross Insurance CenterAaron D. Nicholas Differential Expression of Neutrophil Function Genes in a Zebrafish Model of Innate Immune Function in Individuals with Cystic Fibrosis Cross Insurance CenterAlan Baez • Lily Charpentier • Katherine Larochelle • Erin Merchant • Kodey Silknitter Educational Videos About Restraints and Seclusions Cross Insurance CenterJodie Hall Effects of Processing Parameters on Bioactive Compounds in Maine Seaweeds Cross Insurance CenterMatthew Clark Enhancing a Disability Advocacy Organization’s Online Capacity to Provide Families with Essential Information about Secondary Transition Cross Insurance CenterTaylor Harris Environmental Impacts on Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting on Edisto Island, SC Cross Insurance CenterFaythe Goins Enzymatic Extraction of Phycobiliproteins from Dulse (Palmaria palmata). Cross Insurance CenterAvinash Singh Patel Ethical Considerations with Regard to Deep Brain Stimulation for Treating Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease Cross Insurance CenterAlexandra Morris • Elizabeth Natsios • Hannah Sherman • Amy de Silva • Emily Stauble Exploring College Students’ Views on Having Children Cross Insurance CenterEmily Kobrock Exploring Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Restraining Orders Cross Insurance CenterKimberly Dodge-Cummings Genome annotation of novel Gordonia bacteriophage LastResort Cross Insurance CenterDaniella Espinal • Bridget Fehrs • Amelia St. John • Colin Welch • Benjamin R. Williams • Kira Yardley Genomic Analysis of Novel Microbacterium Phage Sansa Cross Insurance CenterAlan Baez • David Claybrook • Lucas Craig • Niklas Hase • Madeline Kimble • Joshua Passarelli Homophily of internalized distress and self-destructive behaviors in adolescent friendship dyads Cross Insurance CenterEliot Fearey • Rebecca Schwartz-Mette Identification of TNFAIP8L1 Binding Partners through Co-Immunoprecipitation and Mass Spectrometry Cross Insurance CenterAudrey Hoyle Impact of Prenatal Opioid Exposure and NAS Subsequent Development and Environmental Considerations Cross Insurance CenterKayla Gray • Megan Pike • Sidney Scott • Kassidy Seeley • Monica Winslow Improving Heart Failure Patient Outcomes Through In-Home Telehealth Services Cross Insurance CenterShelby Courtois • Jillian Kerwin • Sarah Magee • Kailey Southworth Improving Quality of Life in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients Cross Insurance CenterElena Ford • Hannah Guerrette • Brigitte Miliken • Jasmine Miller Insect Communities of Orono Bog and Bangor City Forest Cross Insurance CenterWilliam Aman Interview Questions to Determine Business and Resource Issues Facing Maple Syrup Producers and Beekeepers in the State of Maine Cross Insurance CenterSarah Doak • Emily Gorney • Desiree Labbe • Kaj Overturf Investigating the antiviral effects of hemocyanin derived from Homo americanus Cross Insurance CenterSarah Nichols Investigation of Hexagonal Tungsten Oxide Synthesis Cross Insurance Centerchayton boucher • Kevin Dietz • Akbar Mahdavi • Spencer Martell • Benjamin Walden • Colin Whitton IOS AAC Applications in Nonverbal Children: The Efficacy of Expressive Language Cross Insurance CenterKelly Desjardins • Emily Hebert • Deirdre Leighton • Lila Ohland • Laura Theriault Key Industries in China Cross Insurance CenterGabby Chartier • Joshua Huffman • Derek Knarr • Emily Mitchell • Will Zakian Life History from the Vantage Point of a Cane Cross Insurance CenterElena Ford Mapping the Genome of Mycobacteriophage Acolyte Cross Insurance CenterIssiah Casiano • Taylor Charron • Katelyn Hustus • Nicholas Leclerc • Carolyn Mains Microfabrication Design of Heterometallic Nanoparticles Based Sensors for Hostile Chemical Environments Cross Insurance CenterFrancis Barnes Modified Slippery Surfaces on Paper Substrates for Controlled Bacterial Adhesion in Diagnostics Cross Insurance CenterChloe Lilly Morphological Characterization via Light and Electron Microscopy of Atlantic Jackknife Clam (Ensis directus) Hemocytes Cross Insurance CenterBrian Preziosi Mycobacteriophage Aminay Genome Annotation Cross Insurance CenterAlejandro Casillas • Hannah Clement • Gina DiFederico • Maya Holmes • Loryn Porter Object Analysis of Hope In Teen Artwork Cross Insurance CenterAnne Chamberlain Small Optimization by Response Surface Methodology of Phenolic Compounds Extraction From Chaga (​Inonotus Obliquus)​ Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction Cross Insurance CenterWeaam Alhallaf Oral History Project Plan: A Look at the History of Developmental Disabilities in Maine. Cross Insurance CenterMadeline Ruffin Oyster Upweller Aquaculture Testing System Cross Insurance CenterAaron Brown • Dylan Crowell • Zachary Hale • Zachery Hindley • Steve Longfellow Particle Transmission and Dispersion within Fusion 5 Matrix Model Cross Insurance CenterWyatt Austin • Cassandra Dechaine • Matthew Egan • Ryan Irvine Polyphenol Oxidase and Total Phenolic Content in Honeycrisp Apples Afflicted with Soggy Breakdown Cross Insurance CenterAngus Koller Population Models on Continuous-valued Heterogeneous Landscapes Cross Insurance CenterCole Butler Preventing Pneumonia in Hospitalized Ventilated Patients: A Literature Review Cross Insurance CenterAndrew Crist • Sophia Dow • Amanda Hughes Promoting Analogical Reasoning in General Chemistry Lab Experiments Cross Insurance CenterJoe Walter Pulp Yield Improvement Via Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley (MPV) Reduction Cross Insurance CenterChristopher Albert Push or Pull, Do Labor Market Conditions Drive New Firm Formation? Cross Insurance CenterAngela Hallowell Reducing the Risk of Contracting Shingles Cross Insurance CenterJosie Heath • Mikayla Mayberry • Rebecca Romich • LJ Vertullo Researching Less Restrictive Alternatives to Maine’s Regulations Governing Behavior Supports for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Cross Insurance CenterHolly Hegarty Response of Green Peach Aphids (Myzus persicae) to Potato Plants Infected with Dickeya dianthicola Cross Insurance CenterAlex Baron Reversing the Tide of Muscle Wasting in Muscular Dystrophy Cross Insurance CenterKaylee Brann • Elisabeth Kilroy • Alexandra Lewis • Mackenzie Menard • Lena Stasiak Seasonal Analysis of Four Coastal Archaeological Sites in Eastern Maine Using Mollusks Cross Insurance CenterEmily Blackwood • Kate Pontbriand Selective Surface Modification of Paper Substrates for Controlled-Adhesion Diagnostic Devices Cross Insurance CenterAbigail Weigang Self-Replenishing Implantable Drug Delivery Systems Cross Insurance CenterSahar Roozbahani Sensing Storm Surge in a Coastal Maine Estuary Cross Insurance CenterPreston Spicer Sensory Integration Therapy in Individuals with Autism and the Incorporation of Speech-Language Pathology Cross Insurance CenterAlicia Girardin • Jo-Ellen Loring Jamieson • Taylor Lanham • Erica Ogden • Jenny Woodbury Shelf Life Study for Refrigeration-Stable Salted Alaria esculenta Cross Insurance CenterAlison Brodt Social Media, Friend or Foe: How Do We Know How to Guide Our Children Cross Insurance CenterCynthia A. Cullinane • Jill Walker Stress-Mediated Physiological Reactivity Among Individuals with a History of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Cross Insurance CenterMeaghan Delcourt Structure Characteristics and Ice Crystal Orientation in the Lateral Margins of Jarvis Glacier Cross Insurance CenterRenée Clavette Study of the Role of PtdIns(3,4) and PA in the Human TIPE1 Protein Cross Insurance CenterCon Sullivan • Brittany White Suitability of substrate inhabited by black soldier flies to green bottle flies Cross Insurance CenterJason Rose Surface Velocity Structure of Jarvis Glacier, Alaska Cross Insurance CenterKate Hruby Synthesis and Characterization of Copper-doped Bismuth Oxyhalides for use in Photocatalysis of Harmful Organic Pollutants Cross Insurance CenterMatthew A. Moyet Synthesis of Copper-doped Bismuth Oxyhalide for Photocatalysis of Harmful Herbicides Cross Insurance CenterEmma Lueders The Circadian Rhythms of Overwintering Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) in the State of Maine, and the Implications for Freshwater Fisheries Cross Insurance CenterAlly Redcay The Effect of 8-hour and 12-hour Nursing Shifts on Nurse and Patient Health Outcomes Cross Insurance CenterMadison Cummings • Courtney McEachern • Kendra Ridley • Kristi Severson The Effect of Embryonic Arsenic Exposure on the Sensorimotor Behavior of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Cross Insurance CenterLaura Paye The Effectiveness of Peer Wellness Coaching Cross Insurance CenterCole Spike The Impact of Concurrent Socio-Evaluative Stress on Rule-Guided Behavior Cross Insurance CenterElizabeth Schreiber The Impact of Safe Delivery Incentive Program on Prenatal Care in Nepal Cross Insurance CenterSujita Pandey The Relationship Between Juvenile Alcohol Abuse, Depression, and Violence Cross Insurance CenterJulianna Ferguson The Role of the Leucine Zipper Motif in CpsA Protein Function Cross Insurance CenterAtefeh Rajaei The Roles of Friendship Quality and Intrapersonal Emotion Regulation Deficits in Predicting Adolescents' Depressive Symptoms Cross Insurance CenterHannah Lawrence The Survival of Listeria monocytogenes and Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli strains during the Aging of Farmstead Cheese Cross Insurance CenterDhafer Alshaibani Toward an Efficient Computational Method to Construct 3-D Atomic Resolution Glycosaminoglycan Models Cross Insurance CenterOlgun Guvench • Hanna Sihler • Elizabeth K. Whitmore Twenty-Five Years of Change in Spruce Grouse Occupancy at Their Southern Range Margin Cross Insurance CenterChristopher Gilbert Uncovering the Current National Perceptions of Aquaculture Practices Cross Insurance CenterMichaela Murray Uncovering the Sources of Bacterial Contamination in the Kennebunk River, Maine Cross Insurance CenterBrianna DeGone Understanding a Middle School Student's Reasoning About Thermal Energy Cross Insurance CenterArianna Giguere Understanding Ocean Forcing of Polar Glacier Change Using Remotely-Sensed Iceberg Melt Data Cross Insurance CenterMariama Dryak Understanding the Assets Older Adults Bring Into the Workforce Cross Insurance CenterLisa Dezso Using Green Crab Meal to Produce Nutritious Canine Treats Cross Insurance CenterAnna Smestad Using Mouse Behavioral Assays to Detect Differences in Olfactory Bulb Neurogenesis Cross Insurance CenterAshleigh Beaulieu Varicose Vein Prevention in Staff Nurses Cross Insurance CenterCassandra Andreotti • Ty Lacadie • Alli LeClair • Molly Wypyski VHF Near Field Antenna Design for Wireless Sensing Applications Cross Insurance CenterNicholas Aiken Virulence Analysis of Clinically Isolated Streptococcus agalactiae Strains from Pregnant Individuals Cross Insurance CenterAnna Struba • Ben Tero Wind induced water level variations along a macrotidal and convergent estuary: a numerical model study Cross Insurance CenterSohaib Alahmed

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Characterization and Functional Rescue Mechanisms of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy with Megaconial Myopathy in a Mouse Model. Cross Insurance CenterAmbreen Sayed Determining Honey Bee Colony Health Using a Radar Based Monitor Cross Insurance CenterBerkay Payal Evaluating a Doppler Radar Monitor for Assessing Bee Colony Health Cross Insurance CenterAna Eliza Souza Cunha Evaluating Kelp’s Potential to Remediate Nitrogen in the Western Gulf of Maine Cross Insurance CenterGretchen Grebe Regulation of Laminin Expression in Aging Muscle Cross Insurance CenterElizabeth Coffey Rural Youth Futures: Preliminary Research Cross Insurance CenterAngelina Buzzelli The End Of Western-centered World In The Business World And The Importance Of Eastern Markets In The Future To Come Cross Insurance CenterRyan Wang Absence of Alpha-Synuclein (Snca) Protects Against Ovariectomy-Induced Bone Loss and Weight Gain Cross Insurance CenterCarolina Figueroa Biased Sampling of Simple Carbohydrate Puckering Through the Use of Novel Reaction Coordinates Cross Insurance CenterDevon Martin Characterization of 5-HT2 Receptor Subtypes in JCPyV Infection Using Super-Resolution Localization Microscopy Cross Insurance CenterKashif Mehmood Characterization of Gut Microbiota in Larval and Adult Mosquitoes Cross Insurance CenterFatimah B. Conteh Climate Change may Increase the Prevalence of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in Maine. Cross Insurance CenterMatthew Kruger Constructing Identity Through the Lens of Fashion Cross Insurance CenterCara Doiron Design and Modeling of Synthetic Moorings for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines using a Lumped Mass Mooring Model Cross Insurance CenterWilliam West Development of Stamp Thermoforming Process for Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Cross Insurance CenterNick Garfield Discovery of Five Instabilities of Turner Glacier, St. Elias Mountains, Alaska, from 1984 to 2017 Cross Insurance CenterAndrew Nolan Fall Semester 2017, First Year of Graduate School Cross Insurance CenterRachel Church How Discourse Shapes Dam Decision Making: News Stories as Sites of Meaning Cross Insurance CenterBrawley Benson Huskeh Tech Mobile Labs Cross Insurance CenterJason Dignan Kirigami Inspired Joining Methods for Thermoplastic Sandwich Composites Panels Cross Insurance CenterAdam Letourneau Large Format 3D Printing Cross Insurance CenterQuinn Campbell • Benjamin Meltzer Little Goody Two-Shoes: The Creation of the Genre of Children’s Books Cross Insurance CenterJulia Everitt Lysine methyltransferase Kmt5a promotes aging-associated myeloid-biased cell production from hematopoietic progenitor cells Cross Insurance CenterEraj Khokhar Material Property Characterization for Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing of Structural Part Cross Insurance CenterPianPian Chen Microprojection and 3D Printing Cross Insurance CenterTom Zani Mixing disturbance: the interrelationship between atmospheric rivers and lake water quality in Maine Cross Insurance CenterAdrianne Lovuolo Modelling and Simulation of the Thermoforming Process in Thermoplastic Composite Materials Cross Insurance CenterPhilip Bean Multiple Material 3D Printing Cross Insurance CenterMatthew Ireland • Jordan Yoder Network Dynamics of MicroRNA Co-Expression During Innate Immune System Responses Cross Insurance Centerchenhao yang Non-Coding Regulatory Genes Conserved in Heart and Caudal Fin Regeneration Cross Insurance CenterGrace Smith Ocean Climate Change in the East Coast North American LME’s; Observing Projected SST Change Using CMIP5 Model Data. Cross Insurance CenterQuinn Carey Origami-Inspired Design of Rapidly Deployable Structures Cross Insurance CenterAnthony Verzoni Production of Renewable Fuel via Thermal Deoxygenation Pathway- Energy Integration Analysis Cross Insurance CenterMaurvin Patel • Pater Van Walsum Stories of The Stillwater: A Liquid Perspective Cross Insurance CenterPeter Lajeunesse • Christian Powell Testing and Validation of Emerging Hull Technologies for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Cross Insurance CenterHannah Allen The Council of Clermont; Mass Communication During the Middle Ages Cross Insurance CenterJohn Barbera The Deathless Dance Cross Insurance CenterVirginia Valdes Transfer Cross Insurance CenterAlicia Champlin Up Close and Personal: Medicine That Gets Inside Your DNA Cross Insurance CenterMaddie Burgess • Emma Freeman • Sara Imam • Grace Smith • Arielle Spalla Vertical Structure Underneath a North Atlantic Cold Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Cross Insurance CenterKevin Clyne 3D Haptics for Nonvisual Spatial Learning and Navigation Cross Insurance CenterKaitlyn Haase A VR Sculpting Application Using a Goal-Based System to Introduce New Tools and Features Cross Insurance CenterJohn San Diego Achieving Glycemic Control with the Administration of Sliding Scale Insulin and Basal-Bolus Cross Insurance CenterNicole Chadwick • Hannah Folger • Haley Horton • Ava Leman An Analysis of the Influence a Teacher’s Level of Scientific Questioning had on the Level of Scientific Questioning of Students in a Montessori School Cross Insurance CenterDesiree Labbe Analyzing the Natural Density of the Salmon Louse During Overwinter Periods Using Isopycnic Centrifugation Cross Insurance CenterAlly Redcay Antioxidant and Antihyperglycemic Potential of Green Crab Hydrolysates Produced with Commercial Proteases Cross Insurance CenterBouhee Kang Application of an In Vitro Digestion Model to Analyze the Bioavailability and Digestibility of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Food Cross Insurance CenterStacie Poulin Bathing with Chlorhexidine Gluconate to Reduce Nosocomial Infections Cross Insurance CenterKaitlyn Dube • Taylor Landry • Erika Leonard • Shannon Sutton Can Different Kinds of Category Training Bias Attention? Cross Insurance CenterRose Deng • Renee Savoie Can Within-Category Representations be Learned and Generalized in Rule-based Tasks? Cross Insurance CenterRose G. Deng • Anna B. Driscoll • Shawn W. Ell • Sebastien Helie • Renee L. Savoie • David B. Smith CELLULOSE NANOFIBER-REINFORCED IMPACT MODIFIED POLYPROPYLENE: ASSESSING MATERIAL PROPERTIES FROM FUSED LAYER MODELING AND INJECTION MOLDING PROCESSING Cross Insurance CenterJ. Elliott Sanders Cellulose nanofibers: A Potential Protectant of Boat Hulls Cross Insurance CenterThomas Roerden Characterization of Acid Sites in Biofuel Catalysts Cross Insurance CenterSpencer Martell Concern about Rejection and Social Anxiety Symptoms: Initial Support for a Stress Generation Model Cross Insurance CenterLaura Andrews Confirming mTERT as a Novel and Unique Marker for Adult Neural Stem Cells Cross Insurance CenterKrystyna Rybka Correlation Between Education Level and Attitudes Towards Stuttering at the University of Maine Cross Insurance CenterMaggie Drinkwater • Meagan Grass • Eleanor Nazar • Megan Weed Deer Tick Phenology and Warming Climate in Maine, USA Cross Insurance CenterSusan Elias Design, Testing, and Validation of a Multi-Scale Floating Offshore Model Test Wind Turbine Cross Insurance CenterJacob Ward Detecting and Characterizing a Tick-Borne Pathogen in Maine's Moose Population Cross Insurance CenterCaroline Dickson Determinants of Performance in the Contemporary World of Sales Cross Insurance CenterKaela Schram Determination of Suitable Synthetic Seawater for Ocean Acidification Experiments with marine Bivalves (Mytilus edulis) Cross Insurance CenterStephanie Anderson Determining the Optimal Drying Method for Maine Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima) Cross Insurance CenterOwen Mulrey Differences in Language through the Comparison of Mathematical Word Choice in Chile and Maine Cross Insurance CenterJordan Houdeshell Effects of Low Salt Concentration on the Microbiological and Physicochemical Properties of Spontaneously Fermented Cabbage Cross Insurance CenterSurbhi Khanna Effects of Splenda on Mast Cell Degranulation Cross Insurance CenterAlan Baez Elucidating the mechanisms governing neuromuscular phenotypic variation in a zebrafish muscular dystrophy model Cross Insurance CenterErin Bailey Enabling Precise Reasoning on Cardinal Direction Information Cross Insurance CenterTorsten Hahmann • Greg Kritzman Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Causes Downregulation of TNFAIP8L1 Expression in Cancer Cells Cross Insurance CenterSari Mayhue EXPLORING VARIATION IN UPPER LIMITS OF THE THERMO NEUTRAL ZONE: A TEST USING LABORATORY MICE Cross Insurance CenterTeumbo Ngunte Extracting Polysaccharides from Seaweed Cross Insurance CenterZachary Applebee • Shania Evangelista • Angela Wang Factors Affecting People’s Preferences for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency Measures Cross Insurance CenterDina Vllasaliu Feasibility of Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite-Concrete Load Bearing System Cross Insurance CenterCamerin Michael Seigars Fostering a Better Understanding of Chronic Pain Treatment Needs Through Community Engaged Research Cross Insurance CenterMelody M. Joliat • Silas Walsh • David Wihry FOXD1 Promotes Stromal Investment in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Cross Insurance CenterKyle Bond Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Corals: Comparative Reproduction between Deep and Shallow Red Tree Corals Cross Insurance CenterJennifer Field Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite and Concrete Panel System Cross Insurance CenterBenjamin Smith iBeacons: a Dementia Related Wandering Solution Cross Insurance CenterRobert Owens Interpersonal Needs and Relationship Quality in Friendships and Romantic Relationships Cross Insurance CenterJessica Shankman Intersectionality and the Rejection Identification Model: Examining Social Class as a Moderator of Women's Response to Perceived Sexism Cross Insurance CenterIsabel Parent • Calla Williams Investigating Causes of Hypothyroidism in Maine Moose Cross Insurance CenterKatelynn Cayer Investigating Long Term Storage of Clay Samples on Measured Engineering Parameters Cross Insurance CenterAmanda Barnett Investigating the Relationship of Mass Stranding Events and Genetic Relatedness in the Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin, Lagenorhynchus acutus Cross Insurance CenterKristina Cammen • Kai La Spina Is Outdoor Play Developmentally Beneficial Cross Insurance CenterJenica Frazier Lysogenic gene expression profile of Mycobacteriophage Cuke in Mycobacterium smegmatis. Cross Insurance CenterSarah McCallister Maine Data Buoy Cross Insurance CenterJustin Cottle • Joshua Girgis • Austin Kidder • Zechariah Palmeter • Kale Prentice Maine Understanding Sensory Integration & Cognition (MUSIC) Project: Can music learning improve cognition in older adults? Cross Insurance CenterJessica Champagne Maple Sap as a Functional Beverage Cross Insurance CenterAndrew Martel Mechanism Determination and Reaction Order Experiments for the Synthesis of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural from Glucose Using a Tungsten Oxide Catalyst Cross Insurance Centerchayton boucher Mindfulness or Mindlessness: Finding the Fit Between Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Veterans with Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Cross Insurance CenterNicholas Cullen • Phil Gibson Nanocellulose Conduits for Enhanced Regeneration of Peripheral Nerve Injury Cross Insurance CenterNicklaus Carter Negative Problem Orientation's Moderating Role in the Relationship Between Perceived Stress and Irritable Bowel Symptom Severity Cross Insurance CenterNatalie M. Holbrook Not Always as it Steams: Determining Gene Functions for Cluster A12 Bacteriophage Steamy Cross Insurance CenterTristan Fong • Camden Fowler • Lexi Galdo • Francois Levasseur • Benjamin Moore • Anna Schumann Novel Gordonia Phage Neville Cross Insurance CenterDakota Archambault • Emma Bragdon • Katharynne Hebert • Hector Orellana • Heather Sterchele • Isabelle Stevens Novel Microbacterium Phage Eden Cross Insurance CenterDakota Archambault • Emma Bragdon • Katharynne Hebert • Hector Orellana • Heather Sterchele • Isabelle Stevens Parent Child Communication about Sexual Health and Reproductive Education Cross Insurance CenterPatrick Cheek • Danielle Gluckman Patterns of Infection and Disease Transmission of an Oncogenic Virus in Maine's Wild Turkey Population Cross Insurance CenterErik Blomberg • Pauline Kamath • Stephanie Shea Perceptual Parameters and Design Guidelines for rendering Graphical materials on Touchscreen devices to support Blind and Visually-Impaired Users Cross Insurance CenterHari Prasath Palani Personality in Small Mammals: From Home-Range Size to Seed Predation Cross Insurance CenterKara Aiken Pharmacokinetics of Bone Regeneration Cross Insurance CenterCassandra Dechaine Phytoplankton Community Size Structure in the North Atlantic Ocean Cross Insurance CenterAlison Chase Power Spectral Image Analysis of Mammographic Breast Tissue Cross Insurance CenterDaniel D'Alessio Progression of Cardiomyogenesis from Embryonic Stem Cells in a Three-Dimensional Gel Matrix Cross Insurance CenterJonathan Bomar Quality of Life Among Youth with IDD in Parent-Developed Residential Program Cross Insurance CenterEmma Wynne Hill Seaport Suboxone Tapering Program Cross Insurance CenterJenna Borden • Lisa Dezso • Moriah Geer • Silas Walsh Seaweed Extracts for Use in Reduced Sodium Foods Cross Insurance CenterCharlie Giammarco Selective Ring-Opening Reactions on Thermal Deoxygenation Oils Cross Insurance CenterGabriela Constantin Skiing in Maine: How the Development of Large Ski Areas Effected the Little Guys Cross Insurance CenterHaley Brown Soft Robotic Arm Swing Gait Rehabilitation Device Cross Insurance CenterVictoria Courchaine • Rachel Detwiler • Elizabeth Gendreau • Marinna Smith Synthesis of Hydrogels Containing Quaternary Amine Polymers Cross Insurance CenterTessali Morrison Synthesis of Water Soluble Azobenzene For Use in Biological System Manipulation Cross Insurance CenterTakquan Parks Temporal and Chemical Effects on the Microbial Community and Sulfide Oxidation Potential in a Naturally Acidic Maine Stream Cross Insurance CenterRaymond C Kahler III Temporal and Spatial Variability of Oxygen Levels in Upwelled Waters Along the Southern California Coast Cross Insurance CenterTodd X. Thoman The Association of Late-Life Depression and Cognitive Functioning in Aging Cross Insurance CenterJessica Aronis The Cognitive Effects of Depression and Sleep Quality in College Students Cross Insurance CenterLindsey Lagerstrom • Michayla Moore The Effects of Ethanol Withdrawal on C57BL/6J and C57BL/6N Mice Cross Insurance CenterEric LeVasseur The Effects of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on Abundance and Nymphal Infection Prevalence of Black-legged Ticks in Maine Cross Insurance CenterSpencer DeBrock The Image of Violence on Disability Cross Insurance CenterJaimi Clifford The Impact of School-Based Mental Health Supports on Student Indicators of Academic Success in Rural High Schools Cross Insurance CenterRachel Buck • Bethany Higgins The Metabolic Behavior of M1-Like Macrophages when Treated with Extracts from Anti-Inflammatory Foods Cross Insurance CenterMitchell Harling The Portrayal of Social Work in Popular Film Cross Insurance CenterSara Beaulieu • Stephanie Pasinski • Julie Schmidt The Psychology of Marketing to Foreign Consumers Cross Insurance CenterAbby Leidenfrost The Relationship Between Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicidal Ideation: Understanding the Role of Depressive Symptoms and Maladaptive Problem Solving Cross Insurance CenterVictoria Quinones The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Working Memory in Young Adults Cross Insurance CenterCassidy Gagne The Viral Gene Expression Profile of Prophage BPs in Pathogenic Mycobacterium chelonae During Lysogenic Infection Cross Insurance CenterEmma Freeman The Zebrafish Model of the Immune Response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection in Cystic Fibrosis Patients Cross Insurance CenterSydney Green • James Seuch • Caroline Spangenberg • Anna Struba • Ben Tero Thermal Tolerance of an Aquaculture Crop, Alaria esculenta Cross Insurance CenterMargaret R. 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